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Scriptural Truths

Removing the Bias from the Scriptures

Welcome to Scriptural Truths.  This site is design to help interested ones gain a fuller understanding of the scriptures.  In today's world, many twist the holy scriptures to support a set doctrine, often going so far as to supply erroneous translations of the scriptures.  This site will expose those errors and show what the real meaning behind them is.  This site does not claim to be a doctrinal authority, nor inspired of God.  Rather, this site is design to simply show the true meaning of the scriptures by what they actually say.  .

2 Peter 1:20 For YOU know this first, that no prophecy of Scripture springs from any private interpretation.

The Trinity Doctrine is one of considerable debate.  Certain key texts are often considered in the support of this doctrine. However, do such texts truly support the Trinity?  Perhaps, but perhaps they do not either.  The following series of articles will consider the topic of the Trinity.