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Definition- fossil fuels, cuts down trees,

CO, & CO2, acid rain.

Effects- gives off CO2 in the atmosphere

And gives us the green house effect, plus

Global warming. Helps minerals from soil

Break down so plants can use them.

Solution- drive a car that gets 35 miles a gallon.


2.)Sulfur dioxide

Definition- well it comes from burning coal & oil.

Effects- it injures plants and materials. It irritates the upper respiratory tracts.

Solution- none.


3.)Nitrogen Oxides

Definition- car exhaust comes from burning coal and oil, gasoline, comes from a power plant.

Effects- smog, green house effect, depletes ozone, effects lower parts of food chain, effects the air we breathe, effect water.

Solution- none.



4.)Car Exhaust

Definition- makes smog, its pollution from fog and acid rain.

Effects- damages our health, CO, NOX, SO2.

Solution- make cars with no pollution.



5.)Power Plant E.

Definition- NOX, SO, fog, acid rain, emissions, smog.

Effects- smog, plus acid water harms plants, harms fish. (Dead Lakes).

Solution- "clear skies", legislation.



6.)Industrial E.

Definition- from burning coal and oil. CO2, SO, NO.

Effects- smog.

Solution- lower air pollution.



7.)Acid Rain

Definition- power plants, SOX + water = sulfuric acid, NOX + water = hitric acid.

Effects- sulfuric acid, hitric acid, building decay, asthma and bronchitis.

Solution- limit the amount of SO2, lime in soil.




Direction- acid, snow, sleet, hail, fog, smog, CO, NOX, SO, sunlight, nitrogen oxide, nitric oxide.

Effect- harms leaves, plants die, trees die, makes asthmatics sick, harms all plants and our lungs, holes in the ozone lets ultraviolet rays in.

Solution- none.




Definition- carried by wind, comes from flowers.

Effect- eats away at metal, stone, bridges, buildings, and statues. Allergies, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing.

Solution- take some medications, use air purifiers, close windows, donít hang laundry outside.



10.)Indoor air pollution

Definition- paint, car exhaust.

Effect- cancer is more likely to be formed in homes then outdoor. Living cancer- radon.

Solution- better ventilation systems.